Jesmonite, wood, steel, aluminium dust, iron paste, risograph prints, fossils
Installation dimensions approx. 2.4 x 5 x 4m

Movement and Choreography by Elissa Darcy, Natasha McLaughlin and Charli-may Townend
Movement Direction by Jayne Exton
Sound by Tom Richards
Lighting by Ethan McCrory
Videography by Matthew Johnstone

Funded by Leeds City College Arts Fund

This body of work grew from being awarded a Leeds City College Arts Fund commission to explore the idea of sculptures as a stage set for movement. I invited a group of Level 3 dance students to respond and devise new choreography. The sculptures and resulting film were installed in the dance studios at Leeds City College and then exhibited at BLANK_ in September 2021. 

Photos by Julia McKinlay, Matthew Johnstone and Leeds City College 

View the film here